Introduction to the General Terms and Conditions

It is imperative that the user read and understand the Agreement documents before registering. To register, you must fill out a form and, as evidence of explicit consent, check the box “I accept the General Terms, Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy of JeetWin and confirm that I am over 18 years old.” Thus, from this point on, the agreement becomes legally binding on both parties.

Conversely, without accepting all or some of the provisions of the Agreement or its subsequent modifications, no user account will be created, and if one is already created, the use of the JeetWin software shall be terminated and the software from your devices.

JeetWin reserves the right to change, update or amend the Agreement at any time. JeetWin will inform its users of the changes by posting the new version of the Agreement on its website.

Upon re-reading and understanding the new terms and conditions, users who wish to continue to play and wager on the services offered by JeetWin must expressly accept the new version of the Game Agreement by clicking on the warning pop-up that appears when accessing for the first time after making changes to the JeetWin Site, which will serve as evidence of explicit acceptance of the Agreement.

User account

The player account is the place where all transactions made are processed and recorded, and where the user can access information about the balance, gaming activity (including bets, prizes and losses), deposits, withdrawals and other related transactions. This information will be available online for at least 90 days.

Each user is only allowed to have one player account. During registration, each user must choose a username and password for their player account.

This data is confidential, so it is the responsibility of the user to use it diligently and keep it secret. If the user believes that the privacy of his data has been violated, he must immediately report this to JeetWin.

JeetWin under no circumstances assumes responsibility for third-party access to the Player Account, and under no circumstances shall be liable for losses incurred as a result of unauthorized use of the password by third parties or unauthorized access to the Account. Users can change their password at any time. However, for security reasons, it is recommended to change the password periodically.

The Player Account is for the sole personal use of the User and may not be used by third parties or for professional, commercial or business purposes.

The User knows and agrees that he will not be able to access the site using the password of another user, as well as process, use or distribute personal data of other Users, as well as allow someone else to play instead of him.

Due to the personal nature of this agreement, registered Users who have been assigned a Player Account may under no circumstances re-register as new Users with a different name or address.

If JeetWin detects any connection between user accounts that leads to the conclusion that they belong to the same user with different accounts, this will suggest the presence of multiple registrations and, therefore, will be considered a serious violation of this Game Agreement. In such cases, JeetWin must inform the User so that the User can demonstrate the obligation to have only one Player Account. At the same time, JeetWin may cancel placed bets, void any prize transferred to the user’s account, and void any bonus received.

The Player Account reflects the economic transactions associated with the participation in and use of the Game Services and any other additional services offered by JeetWin through the Site, including deposits, fees generated by JeetWin in connection with participation in the games and services offered, and prizes received.

The User can at any time view his history of movements, transactions, participation or games played through his User Registration.

Interest is not applied to the money accumulated in the Player Account. In some cases, other units such as points or bonuses may be used when participating in tournaments or promotions.

Player accounts may not have a debit balance and participation in the Gaming Services may be rejected and funds may be withdrawn if there are insufficient funds in the player’s account. Under no circumstances is it allowed to transfer the balance between Users and/or Game Accounts.

The order of payment of the prizes awarded will be carried out in the Player Account, as they have always been received in accordance with the terms of these General Terms and Conditions. Winnings may be used by the User to participate in or use other Gaming Services.

Deposit of funds

The Online Gambling Technical System and Applications provided by JeetWin comply with applicable money laundering and terrorist financing laws.

The User expressly represents and warrants that all funds deposited and used to use the JeetWin services come from legitimate sources and that they are not part of any fraudulent activity, money laundering, or activity considered illegal by law, such as money laundering or terrorist activities. . You and anyone associated with your participation in such activities may be subject to criminal and/or civil action. The Company reserves the right to transfer any information, in particular your personal data, that is required by the competent government authorities at their sole discretion.

In accordance with applicable laws and regulations that may be issued at any time by the regulatory body for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, JeetWin reserves the right to take all necessary steps to ensure their proper compliance. Therefore, JeetWin reserves the right to monitor any transfer of funds, whether deposits or withdrawals from any user and report any user information to regulatory or criminal authorities and/or payment service providers.

JeetWin, as an operator, at no time, directly or indirectly, will provide the user with any credits or mechanisms to make credits or transfer funds between players.

After confirming the deposit, the user will be able to use the deposited funds to play any game presented on the site. Deposits will be credited to the player’s account after successful verification of the bank transaction.

It is the sole responsibility of the user to verify that their bank charges any fees for the transfers they make.

The user declares that he/she is the owner of the payment account indicated by JeetWin and that the means of payment used are associated with the same account or, if this is not possible, by linking it to the account of which he/she is the owner. holder.

Withdrawals must, if the method used allows, be made using the same method used to make the deposit. If the payment method used by the player does not allow withdrawals, they must be made by bank transfer to the account specified by the user during registration, or to the specified and named payment account selected for this purpose.

In addition, JeetWin reserves the right, in case of doubt, to request a new ID, as well as other additional information deemed necessary.

Rights and obligations of the user

In accordance with the conditions set out in the current legislation, the rights and obligations of the players are listed below.

Players have the right:

  • Receive their prizes;
  • Play freely and without any coercion;
  • Have at any time information about the amounts played or wagered and the balance of the respective player account;
  • Securely identify yourself with the operator;
  • Ensure your privacy and protect the data provided to the operator for the purposes of your player registration;
  • Always know the identification and contact details of the operator and, if you wish to file a complaint, how to proceed;
  • Have information about responsible gambling on the website;
  • To have clear, reliable, complete and up-to-date information about the rules of online gambling and betting, accepted payment methods, the minimum and maximum amount of bets and the rules for calculating and paying out prizes;
  • Have information on how to access your personal data;
  • Have information about gambling prohibitions, namely those relating to minors, the disabled and those who are voluntarily or legally prohibited from gambling;
  • Receive information about warnings about excessive gambling and betting on the Internet, as well as the right of players to self-exclude;
  • Receive information about suspended or canceled events that are available on the gaming platform as active events for placing bets.
  • be informed about the operator and the control, inspection and regulation body;
  • Have information about the certificate of the operator’s license for the activities of online gambling and sweepstakes;

Players are obliged, in particular:

  • Indicate, when registering online, the payment account that they own and to which all amounts transferred from the Player Account should be credited;
  • Provide the operator with a copy of the document certifying the ownership of the aforementioned payment account in order to receive balances on the Player Account;
  • Do not disrupt the normal functioning of online games and bets;
  • Comply with the law, as well as the provisions, instructions and instructions of the audit and regulatory body.