Raise money with Jeetwin Affiliate Program

For users who promote services, our Jeetwin platform has come up with a separate affiliate program. Any user who has media fame on the Internet can become an affiliate of the platform. More detailed instructions on how to become an affiliate of the platform will be described in the article below. 

How do I become an affiliate of Jeetwin?

Becoming an affiliate of our company Jeetwin is simple enough and does not take much time for the user who wants to do it. To become a full-fledged partner and start earning, the user needs to perform the following actions:


It is necessary to place a link to our Jeetwin India platform on your website or personal page in a social network;


The user’s website or social network visitors should follow the link;


Next, the guest who followed the link must register on the platform and start playing;


Due to the fact that the guest plays on the platform, the user receives a 35% commission from the game of this referral.

As you can see, everything is quite simple, and realizing this income for the user is very easy. Try it and make money with us.

How much can a user get from the Jeetwin affiliate program?

The commission payout is based on the number of guests who clicked on the user link. This percentage varies from 10 to 35%. For more information on getting a percentage higher than 10, see the article below.

LevelActive referralsNet revenue from referralsDistribution of net revenue
15+1-500,000 INR10%
210+500,001-1,000,000 INR20%
320+1,000,001-2,000,000 INR30%
430+2,000,001+ INR35%

Terms and conditions of the Jeetwin Affiliate Program

Each user participating in our platform’s affiliate program must first study the Terms and Conditions. The main rules that must be observed include the following:

  1. Calculation of commission percent of referrals’ earnings is made on each calendar month;
  2. The final amount earned by the user is credited every eighth day of the month;
  3. In order to get money for referrals the user needs to have 5 active referrals and to withdraw the accrued funds the minimum commission of 1,000 INR for withdrawal has to be made;
  4. Distribution of commissions to users is charged only if the actual partner will fulfill all conditions according to the level specified in the table above;
  5. Partner’s share of income is calculated as the income from the downline member minus the amount of the incentive or bonus minus the negative income;
  6. Negative carryover applies exclusively to the partner’s share and will be carried over a large number of times until it is zero at the current time;
  7. The user who is already a member of an affiliate program automatically agrees to the Jeetwin terms and conditions and is required to abide by them in full.


  • What is the affiliate program on the Jeetwin platform?

    For the average user, our Jeetwin affiliate program is a great way to make money without investing. To start working with us, just register and create an account, and then get a referral link, through which the user attracts a lot of customers and subsequently earns money.

  • How to register and become a member of the Jeetwin affiliate program?

    To become a full-fledged partner of our platform, a user needs to enter his personal data into the registration form. To successfully become an affiliate, you need to perform a few simple steps:

    1. Click on the “Sign up to be our affiliate” tab to start filling out the registration form;
    2. Enter the correct data about your identity in the registration form;
    3. After successful completion, the user will receive their individual credentials in an email within 24 hours of completion;

  • Why should a user choose the Jeetwin affiliate program?

    Jeetwin is a proven gaming platform that respects its users and has been providing its services for many years. Most of our active affiliates are currently receiving good commissions in the form of lump-sum monthly payments. Becoming an affiliate is easy, and if you have any questions, your affiliate manager is available 24/7 to answer your questions.

  • What is revenue share and how does a new partner get it?

    The revenue share refers to the amount of commission that is extracted from the net profit of active referrals. The higher the level of the affiliate program, the higher the revenue share. To get this share, the user only needs to fulfill the initial conditions of the affiliate program and get the first level.

  • How is Net Income calculated on the Jeetwin platform?

    Usually, net income is calculated by our platform as income received from active referrals, minus deductions for the bonus amount, a less negative carryover from the partner’s actual settlement period.

  • What payment systems does the Jeetwin affiliate program support?

    At the moment the affiliate program supports the following payment systems:

    – Bank Transfer;
    – Skrill;
    – Crypto wallet with USDT currency.

  • When should an affiliate expect a payment transfer?

    Payment transfers are usually completed on the 5th of each month. Our company does not perform a payment transfer before or after the specified date.

  • How do I check my affiliate’s share of income?

    In order to check the share of income received from their active referrals, an affiliate must log into their account and then check the dashboard that is provided to affiliate program members.

  • What functionality can I use on my affiliate account?

    The affiliate for a given period of time can view the revenue share received, referral performance, and used bonuses of your link’s guests according to the current date at the time of data check.

  • Who can I contact for questions about Jeetwin platform partners?

    Each partner who has already started participating in our platform program is provided with a personal account manager who will help with questions related to this topic.