JeetWin Disconnection Policy

As a general rule, the following Terms and Conditions define a player’s rights in the event that their connection is cut off or the game is canceled.

Disconnection protection is a tool that protects players if their internet connection is lost while they are playing a game. If a player is disconnected, he/she may remain in the hand (with disconnection protection in place) to contest the part of the pot that he/she was financially participating in at the time of disconnection.

JeetWin is committed to providing the best disconnection protection for players. Keeping proper controls in place is the company’s goal so that protection offered to customers is not misused.

Disconnection protection is not intended to be used outside of a true disconnection case. Any misuse of this policy may result in loss of expired money, disqualification from the tournament, loss of disabling protection privilege, or removal from the site.

The JeetWin software is designed to evaluate whether a player is truly disconnected before providing disconnection protection.

Players must accept the risk of disconnection and must re-login and continue playing as soon as possible if they have been disconnected. Check with your ISP for how they can help mitigate the risk of disconnection. JeetWin is not responsible for disabled players.

Players who have protection against disconnection may win back some of their investment if they are disconnected during the hand and they have protection against disconnection. The player can win whatever was in the pot at the time of the disconnect.

JeetWin reserves the right to change this policy and make the final decisions on all matters here at its sole discretion. The Company communicates policy changes and related decisions by electronic and/or written means.

Live Baccarat

The following conditions apply for playing Live Baccarat:

  1. If a player loses internet connection before he can place a bet, then the bet is not considered valid. Thus, the user’s balance remains the same.
  2. If a player has placed a bet and there is a disconnect after that, the bet is considered valid. The player’s balance changes according to the bet amount.

Live Roulette

Live Roulette has the following terms regarding the disconnection policy:

  1. A player’s bet is void if the disconnect occurs before it has been confirmed. This rule applies to betting on numbers, colors, and ranges of numbers.
  2. If a player disconnects after placing a bet, the bet is considered valid. This applies to all types of bets in this game.

Live Andar Bahar

The following conditions apply for playing Live Andar Bahar:

  1. The player’s balance is not affected if the disconnect occurs before the bet is placed, as the bet is then void.
  2. If the bet was made before the Internet connection was lost, then it is considered valid.

Online Slots

Online slot games will be subject to the following conditions:

  1. Disconnection before pressing spin will invalidate the bet, and the player’s balance will not be adjusted.
  2. In the event of disconnection after pressing spin, the bet remains valid, and the bet amount will be updated in the player’s account.